About Our Photos

Pearl Pix photo process uses a proprietary technology called  which puts a pearl coating* by using advanced photo material invented from Korea. Final photo result is an extremely durable material that will not crack, bend, get damaged, fade colors, and is water proof using Eco-friendly materials not hazardous to your health.

With   technology, your photo will become an eye-catching photo with glitter surface when the photo is done. What makes our photo so special compared to others is a pearl coating* that is already built-in. Therefore, finished photo quality is far superior to ordinary photo prints with regular coating applied. You will see a big difference, 100% guaranteed.

Pearl Pix uses frameless mounting for some of our photo products. Without using a frame, your photo is mounted onto a solid wood board and is finished with a black, rounded edge. Your photo will stand alone to show off the beauty of your image without a frame!

Photo placement will be either horizontally or vertically and crop for best fit on our products. Most of our frameless photos and photo frames are done less than 30 min.

*Photo on cell phone case does not have a pearl coating due to thickness limit.